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I make music that's new, edgy and unpredictable. Thanks for visiting.

What I Do

With influences ranging from Bach to Cage to J. Dilla, I create sound experiences that will move you in places you probably haven't been moved before. It may not always be pretty, but it's guaranteed fresh every time. There are probably a few rules I haven't broken yet. Fortunately, life is long.

My pieces have been presented by the TorQ Percussion Quartet, The Thin Edge New Music Collective, Spectrum Music, and The Toy Piano Composers, among others.


Who I Am

I was born and raised in my beloved Toronto and am proud to call Hogtown home. I started playing piano at the age of 5. Compositions quickly followed.

I took a jazz detour in high school, which led to a joint degree in composition and jazz from McGill University, where I studied with Wray Downes, Jeff Johnston, Chris Harman, and Sean Ferguson. I'm now a doctoral student of the University of Toronto, studying composition with Gary Kulesha.

When I'm not studying or composing, I teach piano, listen to hip hop, and hang out with my dog (and doppleganger), Billie.


Have a listen

You know when you go into a museum and see some splotches of paint on a board, paired with some text that describes the thing as "The fullest affirmation of human yearning in the age of nuclear ennui and technological globalistic reckoning"?


I hope my work describes itself.


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